There won't be much "tricking" around this loyal protector!




Hope - Executive body guard dog.







Satan and Mooney Male Fully-Trained Body Guard K9

On left is Haley (Malinois) from Fidirex and Hoganna and on the right is Valentino a 6 Month old Male from Wasaam and Zena (Malinois/Shepherd Cross)





 German Shepherd / Malinois Cross


Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd cross




 Nothing like feeling safe at home with your best friend!



 Malinois / German Shepherd Cross from Jasta and Leila





Buddy is a recent trainee in our Service Dog division!

Wassam & Misty (kelly) male
on the job and preforming great!




Bero says...
"Know what my Human is afraid of?
Not a thing when I'm around!"

 Puppy says: I dare you to mess with "my" kids!

Bruiser was one of our rescue adoptions. He is now in a loving home!

Male pup from Wassam & Kelly

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love Him!!!
(works both ways)

2 of Jasta & Wassam's kids.
Oh, so happy together!
Bad luck for the intruder that climbs that fence.

"My New Bestest Friend!!!"

Puppy is doing great (we named her Kya). You were right about obedience classes - she's way ahead of the rest of the class. The trainer is John Wadsworth, he works a lot with military and K9 dogs so he loves having her in class. Potty training was a breeze, she's very loyal and obedient - all around a great pup. She's a tough girl, and always the dominant over other dogs. She has great prey drive, we're still contemplating doing Sch with her. Thanks for a great pup!


Wanted to share Nicholas and Kyle at the doctors office . Normally Nicholas would be trying to run around screaming and hollering but Kyle kept him in his chair and quite the whole time we waited for the doctor!!! A miracle.








Spent the morning at an IPO trial where both Nikki and Ice earned their BH title! These two dogs have held it together through 7 trials between two different dog sports spanning the past 3 weekends, and despite my mistakes they still achieved more that I ever thought they would. To sum up our achievements over the last 3 weekends: Ice earned her AKC CD & CDX titles, as well as a BH in the sport of IPO/Schutzhund; Nikki earned her AKC CD title & the first leg of her CDX, as well as a BH

Satan and Mooney Male Fully-Trained Body Guard K9





  German Shepherd / Malinois Cross

Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd cross 1 year old male


Malinois / German Shepherd Cross


2.5 yr old Bear.
"Best decision I ever made in my life! Thanks for my best friend."

teenage mutant ninja shepherd (& turtle) protect the princess!


Jasta & Javelin adult



Officer Arko is on the job!
Sire: Jasta / Dam: Songa

Hi Jerry!

I see that Mooney and Satan had some more pups!  Thought you would like to show off her previous litter.

I think our Bella (aka “pink”) lives up to the meaning of her name.  

Thank you for all you did to put her in our hands. She’s a great pup at nine months old.  Gentle, smart, fast, agile, calm, tolerant, alert, loyal

Colette Saufley



The Perfect Gift!
There's 2 great adoptions available for under your tree this year!

Couple of the boys hangout with one of our local news casters

 "he driving, but I navigate! right ear up - turn right"


 "Girl's Best Friend!"

The purchase of the Wassam and Kelly puppy was the best thing I decided to do. Prey drive is thru the roof, loyal and easily trained without food or electronic collar. For first time Malinois dog owners beware they are mind boggling with there drive and energy!

Mara is beautiful, best dog I ever had. I hope to continue her training and bring home several championships to honor her bloodline from A'Tim.
Jerry thank you!

Jasta & Kelly male - Gambit @ 14 mo.