Zibbo Zibbo vom Salztalblick



We just Imported Zibbo from Germany and offering him for stud.

He is 3x Sch 3 and Grey Sable in color . His pedigree has 8 Relatives that competed in the BSP and many made the WUSV Team.

He is by no means just your average bred dog. He is a fine working dog and is very sociable and clear headed.

He has full calm grips and loves the work. He is a large powerful male and would add substance and workability.  Zibbo has been bred with 4 German Imports from all top working lines.

We are not one of the big guys but I know my Shepherds. I have competed in many Sieger Shows here and in Germany. We Import between 1-3 dogs a month and have had the same friend in Germany for 25 years.

Former owner of VA Larry Vom Grapenhof, Puppies due Nov 15th from German Import bitch Romina von der Eichendorfschule grand daughter of 2XWUSV,2XBSP,S CHH3, IP3, FH
1998 WUSV CHAMPION Quasy von der bösen Nachbarschaft 1994

Sch 1-100 97 91-288
Sch 2-87 91 92-270
Sch 3-97 92 91-280
92 93 96-281
99  96 92-287

Always pronounced. Check out his pedigree and if interested I will send photos. He is a-normal.

Zibbo Linebreeding - 5 generations:
4 - 4,5 in V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich
5 - 5 in SG Perle vom Rosenbusch
5 - 5 in V Flori vom Berglein
3 - 3,4 in V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft
4 - 4,5 in V Askia vom Froschgraben
5 - 5 in Xenia vom Fideliohaus
5 - 5 in Nico vom Haus Marterstock

Zibbo's Sire:


V Branko vom Salztalblick

Zibbo's Dam:

Quesi von den jungen Hansen