Maces Harbaugh

Male Belgian Malinois
DOB: 1/17/2017
NVBK 54796

Sire: Wasaam
Dam: Lasja

Harbaugh is a striking male Malinois from Belgium's top lines. He was raised in a home from 8 weeks until 7 months.

He has now entered the advanced obedience class and is super smart. After his obedience is complete, he will enter our service dog program.
Male Malinois

His picture says alot about this boy. He is a large boy that has a super temperament. He is the brother of Nero and loves to train. He is fully obedience trained and will enter Service Training now.

Sire: Quto

Dam: Mace's Suzy

Boss Von Der Gifmaf
German Shepherd Male

Sire - Ulix

Dam - Jabina

Boss is currently in our Executive K9 Program. He is a strong confident pup that loves people and training. He is very social but also understands family protection. His bloodlines are some of the best in Germany.

Male Dutch Shepherd

Bishop is in our Executive Body Guard Program. He is very solid in all areas and his temperament is correct.

He loves kids and people. His obedience is being trained by our Service Dog Company. This is real life training in all environments under strict control and discipline.

He is a very thick and powerful animal with a beautiful head structure
Maces Dom
Male German Shepherd

Dom is a strong male Shepherd.His temperament and drives are correct.He is a big solid boy. He is being trained a s a Executive and Family Protector.



Male Malinois

Spencer is a very well bred dog from Belgium's top lines. He was sold as a puppy and by the age 6 months, his owner passed from cancer. He was returned to us and we started his obedience training. He is a strong male and needs a knowledgeable handler.

We have never done any bite work with him. He will guard and protect and has no problem engaging. If you research his pedigree you will find some very nice dogs. Father is Fidirex van Joefarm and the mother is Lounah van Joli Troucheaus sired by Haras van d'Acren‘s



Male Belgian Malinois

Nero is a outstanding young Malinois. He is driven and focused and needs a active home. His temperament is outstanding. He is being trained as an executive and family protector.



German Shepherd



Titan is a German male K-9 with a longer black and tan coat. He looks like a large teddy bear and just loves attention.

He is eager to please and tries his best to anticipate your next command. He is strong in protection and his obedience is advanced both on and off leash as well as silent hand signals.

He will provide excellent protection in his home and with his family and still be a fun dog to have around.

We currently have several very impressive K9s

in training that are almost ready for their new job!

Please call for details.