Yasta's Offspring





Jasta 5x Sch 3 IPO 3 FH...Jasta is a for real dog and tough as nails. We concentrate on Importing well balanced Malinois. He can be tested anytime.

Jasta is a very well balanced clearheaded social Malinois. He performs not only the Sport Work And Full Body bites he will bite a passive decoy when commanded.

Jasta is a very sound and social dog and when its time to work its time to work.

He passed BH in May 2008.

Schutzhund 1 in May 2008

Tracking 85, Obedience 94,

Protection 98.

Schutzhund 2 in May 2008

Tracking 100, Obedience 96,

Protection 90.

Schutzhund 3 in June 2008

Tracking 88, Obedience 98.

Protection 94.

Look for Jasta at the up coming National events and at the Northeast Regional Championships.

If you want to breed to a top working dog that has all the drive you could ever need.

Watch these videos and do your research and you will find Jasta is the Stud Dog for you.

The last 2 breedings he produced 10 puppies in each litter.

We currently have 2 females bred to Jasta and will have puppies very soon, Stud fee $800.00.

In Jasta's last 4 litters he has produced 10..9...8...8   pups .

Jasta produces sound stable puppies with intense drive for the work. Jasta has it all!!!