Checker  Checker von der Steinklamm




V rated Checker von der Steinklamm IPO 3 Kkl 1a Lbz.
65cm and 42kg
Date of Birth-2/16/2010
Pedigree Number-SZ 2250114

Checker is a solid black v-rated multiple times IPO 3. He is hip and elbow certified and imported from our friends in Germany.

He is a great producer and has sired many litters here and in Germany. He is a high competition dog with a super temperament.

This is wonderful animal and we are very proud to offer him at Stud.

Scores and Titles:

IPO 3 7X
92-94-90 a
95-94-97 a
97-93-96 a
95-82-97 a
94-92-93 a
85-86-79 a
100-98-96 a