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  • Behavior Modification
  • Aggression
  • Fearful Shy Behavior
  • House Breaking
  • Dominate Behavior
  • Obedience Training
  • Basics: Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, Down
  • Stop Jumping
  • Barking
  • Running Away
  • Digging



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We are dedicated to helping you and your dog become a happy family unit. We have over 20 years of experience in the training and importing of many breeds of dogs from all over the world. We are a one stop shop for all your dog needs. From puppies to adult dogs, importing from Germany, training books, free dog training advice, books, videos, etc... we either have, or can get, whatever you are looking for.

We understand dogs and we know we can help you and your dog. Our clients and our credentials speak for themselves...but none of that matters if we can't help you stop yelling, "My dog needs help!"


Some Of Our Many Dog Training Options:

Puppy Training Tips (Basic Obedience Training)

This class is intended for puppies and their new owners. We will cover and work on how to lay the obedience training ground work needed to make your new pet tolerable to live with. This class is very important for a number of reasons.

1. Crate training - which leads to positive reinforcement between you and your pet. Nothing is worse to start off your new relationship then having to clean up a mess. Your new puppy wants to please you and crate training is invaluable for both you and your pet. You will also learn how to house break your pet.

2. How to correct your puppy when a mistake is made and how to reward good behavior.

3. How to walk on a leash. This may sound simple but if this lesson is not learned properly, your puppy will dread the leash and rebel against the use of it. Many people have ruined a good dog by not knowing how to lead their pet. We want a confident dog, not a submissive wounded puppy.

4. How to establish the pack order in the family. This is a major priority to insure that your new puppy will always be under control.

These are the major points that we will cover in puppy training. We will always discuss and work on your personal concerns with each individual pet.

Young Adult Dog Training (6-12 months)

We suggest puppy training for all our clients. If your pet is now in the 6-12 month age class though, this is the class for you as all the lessons from the puppy training class will be covered in the young adult class. By this age, your pet has either learned to behave properly or has caused you to yell, "MY DOG NEEDS HELP!" We will cover everything that you and your new pet will need to be a loving happy family.

1. How to walk on a leash in congested areas including streets, public events and anywhere else you may be inclined to take your pet.

2. How to heal, sit, lay down, stay, come and be under total control at all times.

Once you have established this behavior, you and your pet will both be on the way towards your goal of “a well trained and cooperative pet!”

Adult Dog Training (12 months and older)

If this class is the one you need, be assured that we can correct all the old problems that have caused you to yell, “MY DOG NEEDS HELP!" By this age, a lot of ground work has been laid by you and the proof will be in how your dog behaves.

Dogs are very quick learners, but the owners take a little longer. All of the training involved in the puppy and young adult class will be covered and mastered in this class. We will also work on your personal problems with your pets. As dogs are allowed to continue an inappropriate behavior, they start to take control and this can lead to major problems.

We import, train and handle adult dogs with many behavior problems and have never failed in retraining a dog. Many adult dogs may have been trained by someone else and you still are having the same problems over and over. Our credentials speak for ourselves and we can help you and your adult dog. We guarantee it!

One on One Training for You and Your Dog

We offer this service to our clients who wish to have our total attention and just don’t have the time for group classes. We will work with you and your pet in a one-on-one basis - either at our facilities, or in your home or work place.

Prices will be discussed after your free evaluation (either in person or via telephone).

In Kennel Boarding & Training

Another option is that you can ship or leave your dog with us in our facility and we will handle all your training needs. We will then hand deliver your pet to you anywhere in the world. Charges will be discussed on a personal basis. Whether your dog is in need of training from beginning to personal protection  or behavioural modification our facility provides a monthly "boot camp" program. It is an intensive training program designed specifically to work with the personal needs of the dog and dog owner. 

During their stay with us we will assess the dog and complete and secure all obedience training so the dog is a happy healthy member of the family and society. Then we proceed with specialized training that is needed. 

We have an individual feeding program to optimize the health of your dog. Many who have come with allergies and medication leave medication free and healthier than when they came.

We have imported, trained and delivered dogs to the Virgin Islands, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico and almost every state in the United States. Our clients fully trust us to handle all their training needs and prefer this deluxe service.

This is a brief summary of the training classes we offer
If we can be of further service to you and your pet, please contact us and we will discuss your needs and concerns.


Here at, we offer the following services:
  • Training books and videos
  • Obedience training
  • Personal protection training
  • Imported K-9’s – all breeds
  • In home training or in facility training. YES! We WILL come to you.
  • Over 20 years of knowledge and a heart for your pet and friend.
  • We train and have trained many breeds of dogs and would like to help you and your dog!

Our Story was started by me, Jerry Mace, and my close friend Jeff Wilt. As we were talking about a repeat client of mine who needed her very stubborn American Bulldog trained. Now I had been training her family’s dogs for over 20 years. They have always used our company to train all of their dogs and they love dogs as we do. As we talked, Jeff said with all the knowledge and titles (American and worldwide) that I have been blessed to win and hold, that we should start a company and we set out working on this website.

See, I was once a person, maybe like you, with a dog who needed help. In 1987, I went looking for a trainer and a new dog. I found one in the Robb Report magazine. After finding the right dog – a German imported Doberman – I started to go to training class. Now, I had trained dogs in a group setting before but this was one-on-one training and after a few short lessons, me and my new dog were on the way. I kept up the training and then one day, the trainer I was using offered to sell me his business. Now I had been working with this gentleman for a few years and I studied hard and was a very dedicated protege.

In 1989 I bought his kennel and relocated it to the mountains outside of Harrisburg Pennsylvania where we still do the bulk of our dog training today. The kennel I bought had been importing and training dogs for a lot of very wealthy clients. We assumed the advertising contracts with Robb Report, DuPont Registry and Dog World. We also started bringing Germany’s best trainers to our kennel to train my partners and me how they do it in Germany. The business continued to grow as we now were showing and shipping dogs all over the world. We started with obedience training the German way and moved into personal protection, drug detection, explosive and search and rescue.

In 1995, we were approached by a great client who wanted one of the top German Shepards in the world. We called our friends in Germany and after doing a search, we brought VA Larry Vom Grapenhoff Sch III KKLla Lbz to the United States. Larry was a great dog and his children are still winning all over the world. We train champions as well as family pets and service dogs. Many of the pictures you see on our site are of Larry and his kids. Larry took North America by storm and won his first show and kept on winning until 1998 when he went to live with that loyal client in Guatemala.

To make it easier for our clients, we have now merged MYDOGNEEDSHELP.COM with our breeding and puppy site. You can now find all of services in one convenient location. We still continue to work with our friends in Germany to custom import, train and show the world’s best shepherds, and will continue offering you our knowledge and experience as we look forward to not only helping you, but helping your pet become a loving and obedient member of your home as well. Here at, we offer the following services: