Hudson  V Hudson vom der Kalten Hardt


Sch 3, FH1, FH2, KKL1

Full Brother to Hutch von der Kalten Hardt - BSP competitor & also Germany's 2008 Universal Sieger.

Hard, Tough Dog, Serious,  Possessive
Very Strong, Super Working Dog.

2008 BSP Competitor
2008 LGA  LG-FCI Qualifier

    FH      98   V
    FH2    99   V
    Sch1   97  96  96     289   V
    Sch2   99  93  98     290   V
    Sch3   99  94  100   293   V

Carries the Black Gene

His Mother  "Chuckie" - was raised, trained, and titled by SV working judge Heinz Kruse who also bred, titled and showed Hudson von der Kalten Hardt at the BSP. 

In addition, Chuckie was shown in 2008 in Germany without extensive training after about a 2 year absence from the Schutzhund field in a regional VDH match (only B and C, no tracking) under SV Vice President Heiko Grube and won it, even though she was in standing season.